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     “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Hi I am Sabrina!

I’m a natural light photographer in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I photograph maternity, newborns and babies &families. I can’t wait for our session together to create unique & beautiful art for your family.

When my first daughter was born in 2009, I took thousands of snapshots of her. I had an idea of the pictures I wanted to take and quickly became frustrated at the out of focus, underexposed photos I was taking. I dove in to the photography world where I quickly discovered a new passion for capturing special moments with newborn, maternity and baby photography.

As a photographer I crave a connection with my subjects, whether its capturing a tender moment between mother and child, catching an inquisitive expression, or reveling in the sleepy sweetness of a newborn.

For more information about my photography, please email me via the contact form or give me a call at 416.826.2961.

如果你想为自己留一些自然的,温暖的,细腻的,美好的影像作为成长的记录,可以来找我。“家庭”,“孩子”,“女性”,以及 "成长和爱“是我摄影的永恒主题。

关于摄影师: 英文名“Sabrina Jin”,网络用名“alwayswithyou99”,理工女,Schulich MBA, 多年从事IT的项目管理, 目前身份为:自由摄影师,妻子,俩女儿的妈妈。摄影以清新,真挚和自然的风格为你纪录日常生活美好瞬间,不同于纯商业化的流水线工作方式,目的也不是为了把你拍成千篇一律没有个性的漂亮,希望每位客人都能发现自己的风格和别样的美,美的定义是丰富多样的。就像一次安静的旅途,慢下来,静下来,自然会有收获,愿意以我对镜头,对生活的理解,为有着相似生活理念和追求的朋友记录属于你们的私人定制影像。



微信:alwayswithyou99 (注明约片)


* 拍摄完的样片,摄影师有权利放在微信,展览,图书,讲座等宣传用途,如有异意请在拍摄前说明。 以上内容的解释权归摄影师所有。


Email:sabrina_jinmi@yahoo.com   Tel: 416-826-2961 Wechat: alwayswithyou99   Wechat 公众订阅号:sabrinajinphoto

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